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Yes, You Can Love Household Chores

The laundry room is a place to get creative with your favorite colors and patterns. Break away from your go-to paint colors and brighten up your laundry room with robin’s egg blue or a fun patterned accent wall! The perfect “all you” space can transform drab household chores into an enjoyable escape. It’s a room that seldom sees any guests so have fun with it!

Set up practical additions to the laundry room that fit seamlessly with the design. A bar-height island is fitting for folding and organizing clean clothes. Eliminate excess clutter by building practical elements right into the cabinetry. Consider adding discrete pull-out laundry bins or an ironing board disguised as a drawer. Create clothing racks that pull out from the wall or hang from the ceiling to keep drying delicates out of the way.

Organizing your laundry room can help improve the aesthetics of the space. Replace the eye-sore of detergent and supplies by filling glass jars with powdered detergent, fabric softener or clothespins. Stacking front loading machines can make plenty of space for shelving, hanging or storage.

Check out these ideas and more on our Laundry Room Love Pinboard on Pinterest.

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