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Is Shiplap Worth It In The Long Term?

Is Shiplap Right For Your Home?

If we attempt to break down the definition of this type of wood, we can define it by its two parts: “ship” and “lap”. The name and style come from the pattern that was used in earlier centuries to build ships. Shiplap lumber does not necessarily have even gaps between its joints. Instead, it possesses an overlapping “rabbet” joint that bonds two different pieces of blocks on a 90-degree angle. The primary purpose of this design is to make the lumber water-resistant and airtight so that it can last for a more extended period without showing wear and tear. This post will discuss a few characteristics of shiplap that will help the average homeowner decide whether or not shiplap is the best choice for them.

Enduring Harsh Conditions

Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Shiplap If you are asking yourself if shiplap is worth it long term, it might depend on where you live. If your home is located around the coast or in a location that often experiences heavy rainfall and strong winds, then shiplap is the ideal choice for you. Shiplap protects the walls or ceilings of the home from developing dampness. This feature of shiplap makes the material more durable and sustainable under severe weather conditions, thus making them more durable in the long run.

Maximize Your Size

One quality of shiplap that can be capitalized on while constructing a house is its ability to make the room more spacious when fitted in a vertical pattern. When installed horizontally, shiplap can have an entirely different effect on the feel of a room. With a vertical setup, there are undeniable advantages. There are fewer planks used which makes for a neat and tidy look, and the ability to fit the material neatly with the curvature of any room shape.

An Enhanced Appeal

When you think about the long-run factor of your flooring, one concern is its appeal and the process of updating it if you so choose. The lasting design of this material will blend well with the modern architecture of any home. Giving it an edge over other materials. Secondly, because shiplap consists of individual pieces of lumber arranged together, each piece can be painted with a separate color or pattern.

Cleaning Shiplap

The only drawback that you should consider with the installation of shiplap is that this material can attract and hold onto dust particles. Mainly if it installed incorrectly. The very gaps that grant this material such exceptional appeal are the spots in which dust can find a place. If you aren’t careful, this could build up in the gaps and can end up damaging your walls over time. If you choose to go with shiplap in your home, making sure that you have a certified professional install it. A professional will give you the specific care instructions for your home. In particular, they will ensure that this material will serve you to the best of its ability.

Shiplap is undeniably an excellent choice for any homeowner interested in a material that will hang on for the long term.  Call us today to ask about a home renovation that includes shiplap.

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