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Designing Your Gourmet Kitchen

There are many reasons that homeowners remodel their kitchens. Some just want their kitchen to look beautiful. Others want to open up their floor plan and integrate the kitchen into the home’s traffic flow. Yet others remodel to replace outdated aspects of their kitchen and keep it looking up to date. These are all good reasons to remodel your kitchen. But what if you love cooking gourmet meals, and want to remodel your kitchen to better allow you to create culinary masterpieces?

The Hardware
A truly gourmet kitchen requires top of the line, professional-grade appliances, and you should keep your appliances in mind when creating your gourmet kitchen. It is a good idea to take a look at what appliances you would like to include in your kitchen before deciding whether you would like to re-work your kitchen’s layout, as some of your new appliances may have different space requirements than your current ones. This is also an opportunity to consider how you’d like your new appliances to be powered.  For instance, if you currently have an electric stove and oven, this would be the time to decide if you wanted to switch over to gas.

The Plan

The layout of the kitchen is very important for the gourmet chef. The cooking area should have plenty of work space, but it should also have everything you need to cook within close range. The refrigerator, stove, and sink should be close enough that you can move quickly between them, but not so close that you feel cramped. Having the right storage options can help in this as well by keeping the things you need close to where you’ll be cooking.  Today’s cabinetry is designed for both form and function, and can include everything from a refrigerated wine cabinet, to customized drawers that hold and organize cookware and bake ware.

Your Specialty
Many home gourmets have a specialty, a type of cooking that they love and specialize in. Maybe you’re a master baker, and your dream gourmet kitchen includes a separate baking center. Kitchens for cooks who like to bake often include a special lower counter for easier rolling and kneading. Maybe you love preparing elaborate sauces and could use an extra large stove top with extra burners. The options are endless, but remember, you’re creating your dream kitchen, and you should plan it around the types of cooking that you love to do.

The Trim
There are all sorts of specialized appliances that can be used in today’s gourmet kitchen, and all sorts of new features that you can include. How about a faucet over the stove for filling up pots of water to boil? How about a warming drawer to help you ensure that all the different parts of your meal are ready at the same time? And don’t forget that just because you’re going to be cooking elaborate meals in your new kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your new gourmet kitchen, so you should have it reflect your sense of style.

Putting it all Together
If you’d like to start planning a new gourmet kitchen, first you should sit down and think about what it is that you would like to be able to do in your kitchen, and how it can be planned to make that possible. The second thing you should do is to talk to a trusted kitchen remodeler. Kitchen remodeling projects can get very complicated very quickly, but we can ensure that your kitchen is designed efficiently and guide you in making the many choices that you will have to make. Through the whole process, keep in mind the end result: a beautiful new kitchen that will help you create your beautiful masterpieces. Bon appetite!

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