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How to Do a “Back to Basics” Kitchen Remodel

Like many kitchen remodeling contractors, we’re seeing a back-to-basics trend with kitchen renovations. Now, basics doesn’t mean bare bones, Far from it. Homeowners still want a beautiful kitchen with luxurious extras, but they want kitchen remodeling to focus on functionality and personal style rather than on a “statement” kitchen remodel that features high-end everything and ornate flourishes everywhere.

Here are a few examples:

Streamlined cabinets and shelving. Cabinets make or break the look of your kitchen renovation. Even if you’re committed to repurposing as many elements as possible, chances are you’ll still want to make new cabinets part of your kitchen remodel because it can be surprisingly costly to repair, refinish and repaint existing cabinets. Open shelves are an increasingly popular option that can also save considerable money. The shelving itself can be anything from sturdy wood to elegant glass. In terms of style, even homeowners who prefer traditional style to a more contemporary feel are leaning toward sleeker cabinets without a lot of embellishments.

Something simpler. Granite countertops continue to be the standard for upscale kitchen remodeling, but more homeowners are telling kitchen contractors that polished granite countertops are too “showy” and too predictable. Quartz (Zodiaq, Silestone, Caesarstone) offers the look of stone, but without the maintenance of granite. The cost, however, is about the same as granite. Beautiful countertops also can be created from eco-friendly recycled glass and cement. As to hardware, kitchen remodelers often specify prefer cabinets without pulls. Where pulls do show, they’re simple and chrome is often chosen instead of the more expensive brushed nickel finish.

New flooring choices. I’ve been a kitchen remodeling contractor for a while, and it’s interesting to see more homeowners asking about wood flooring for the kitchen rather than tile which has been popular for so many years. I think wood is popular for two reasons: it helps unify the kitchen remodel with the surrounding spaces in an open floor plan and it adds a warm element to a kitchen design to balance very sleek cabinets, lighting and counters.

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