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Kitchen Remodeling Using Today’s Smart Technologies

“Smart technologies” give kitchen remodelers a way to delight homeowners with great new functionality plus sleek designs. Plus, many products pack more features into a smaller footprint so that even smaller areas can become true dream kitchens.

What are some of the smart technologies capturing the most interest in the kitchen remodeling world? Here are just a few:

Cool kitchen cooker hoods. Cooker hoods have come a long way from those functional but clunky models that removed odors and grease but that didn’t do much for the style of the kitchen. One new hood from Home Tone, for instance, has a high-performance, smart-technology cooker hood that has also won top design awards. This particular hood combines glass and stainless steel with LED lights that illuminate the cooking surface and lets kitchen remodeling contractors deliver plenty of “wow!”

Custom refrigerator solutions. Sub-Zero has come out with freezer and refrigerator “columns” that can be combined with refrigerator and freezer drawers to create exactly the food storage arrangement that works best for a particular homeowner. They can be completely paneled like the cabinets, or they can feature stainless steel doors. While these Sub-Zero solutions are on the high end, kitchen remodelers can help clients explore these as well as other ways to customize refrigeration. Plus, with the fridge and freezer space incorporated into the “cabinetscape,” kitchen remodelers don’t have to design around a bulky refrigerator.

More range for the range. Today’s ovens make it easier than ever to cook like a pro at home. One of BlueStar’s ovens incorporates features recommended by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, including the ability to cook anywhere from 220 degrees for slow cooking, up to 850 degrees for searing meats and other foods. There’s also an optional “French door” to the oven so you don’t have to bend in over a wide pull-down door to get dishes in and out.

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