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What Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Know About Kitchens

As professional kitchen remodeling contractors, we’ve designed and built many different styles of kitchens for many different types of clients here throughout Boulder County and the surrounding areas. When we’re discussing a new kitchen, remodeler experience can often help clients think about things they might not otherwise consider. Here are a few examples:

Kitchen remodelers know the value of space planning. For example, in designing a dream kitchen, “remodeler experience” often prompts us to suggest keeping the actual cooking area compact to eliminate long walks from the fridge to the sink. We also emphasize planning up front for how you’ll actually use your space so that things work for the kitchen remodel ergonomically and practically as well as from a design point of view.

Separate “stations” can add ease and functionality. One of our jobs as a kitchen remodeler is to create a kitchen that makes life easier for our clients. A “station” can help. For example, a beverage center is great for parties and for getting drinks poured for dinner without being underfoot as the cook finishes up meal preparation. A breakfast station can make mornings easier by locating cabinets for cereals and bowls right above counter space designed to hold an elegant coffeemaker and retro-style toaster.

Lighting is so important — from natural light flowing in through windows and skylights, to layered lighting plans that combine under-counter and task lighting with ambient lighting on dimmer switches to go bright for meal prep or dim for dining and parties.

Explore new countertop options. All kitchen remodelers know that granite is a popular choice. But before you decide, you might want to consider the colors and designability of solid surfaces like Corian, as well as eco-friendly choices like concrete or “wow factor” materials such as thick glass countertops complete with LED lighting systems that can change the color and brightness of the counters.

As one of the area’s most experienced kitchen remodelers, we’ve done just about every type and size of kitchen. Ideas like the ones we’ve offered here can be of great help in the early stages of planning your kitchen remodel. For more inspiration, take a look at our photo gallery!

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