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Life During Your Home Renovation

What  You Should Know

If you’ve been considering a renovation, you might think you know what’s to come. After all, you watch HGTV remodeling shows, and you see how it all plays out. Not so fast. There’s a lot to the process that you don’t see. If you’ve never been through a renovation, now is the time to learn about what’s coming.

Changes to Your Daily Schedule

If you have your morning routine down, it’s about to turn upside down. During a kitchen remodel, you won’t be able to brew your coffee and relax at the breakfast nook. All of the tranquility of this retreat location will be under construction for a short time.

Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Home Remodel KitchenInstead, you will need to create some new routines. Maybe this will include a stop at a coffee shop near work. You could also relocate the coffee maker for a short time to another room. Perhaps you purchase portable kitchen appliances. While this sounds simple, you must remember that as humans, we prefer routine. It might take a couple of deep breaths to be okay with the change.

Increase in Noise

Contractors are going to be coming and going. They will use your garage and other areas to hold their materials and tools. You will hear them working, and it won’t be quiet. Your peaceful home will be louder than usual.

To deal with this, you might find yourself looking for a sanctuary. Find a friend nearby that will let you take refuge when you need quiet. If there is an area in your home where you don’t want the contractors, make sure you talk about your needs upfront.

Increase in Dust

The project area will get dusty. Of course, professional contractors take every precaution necessary to avoid excessive dust, but there’s no way to stop it completely. Some stages produce more dust than others, such as sanding drywall.

If you expect the extra dirt during this time, you will be able to manage it better. Take some deep breaths and prepare that dust will travel to other parts of the home. You might find it on kitchen counters, even though the work is happening in the bathroom. However, Melton does an exceptional job using dust vacuums to reduce the amount of dust in your home.  

Emotion Run High

Each person handles the stress of a remodel differently. You have to prepare for a roller coaster of emotions to occur. After all, there will be strange faces in your home and a lot of adjustments you must make to your daily life.

While trying to pick out the best lighting or new tile color and stick to a budget, you might begin to short circuit a little. That’s perfectly normal and to be expected. Just remember that there is an end in sight.

Glimpse of Hope

Now that we’ve shared about life during your home renovation, we have some comforting words to offer. While there’s no doubt that this time is often inconvenient, it brings a spectacular ending beyond your wildest dreams. Likely, you will immediately rush into another project once you see the completed work. The discomforts of the process are easy to forget when you get to enjoy your new space. Contact us today to get started on your remodel.


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