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Loving the Atomic Ranch in Boulder Architecture

Boulder Architecture

Loving the Atomic Ranch

Ranch homes started dotting the American landscape in the early 1930s. The style’s popularity peaked in the 1950s. It served as the symbol for the post-war American Dream. Indicators of the style include: single story design, low roofline with large overhangs, open floor plans, vaulted ceilings and lots of windows. Exteriors are typically brick, stucco or wood. Boulder architecture features a concentration of these iconic homes. In recent years, the mid-century style has seen a renewed interest and a contemporary evolution.

Check out the ways in which homeowners are updating their modern-era homes to be contemporary gems while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Low rooflines and roof extensions that cover outdoor living areas are typical of the Atomic Ranch aesthetic. A juxtaposed roof slant and dramatic exterior lighting give this ranch a contemporary look.

Large windows capture natural light and display the vaulted ceilings in this Atomic Ranch. The stone façade creates contrast to the smooth stucco surfaces.

Similar to what you will see in Boulder architecture, this Atomic Ranch features board and batten siding. The transparent garage door adds a contemporary touch while adhering to the style that boasts ample windows.

The geometric yard design complements this home’s shape while creating connection to the outdoor spaces. The roofline and brick exterior are typical of this architectural style.

The metal roof and horizontal wood siding are contemporary updates to this classic design. The low, tiered concrete entryway mimics the tiered rooflines.

This Atomic Ranch maximizes views with windows that allow you to look through the entire public area of the home while also peeking into the private areas. An oversized fireplace is typical of the Atomic Ranch style.

This is an ultra-chic update to the classic Atomic Ranch. Horizontal siding along with the metal treatment on the upper corner of the home accentuate the sleek look. A chartreuse door gives the front façade a pop.

This flat-roof version of the ranch offers a loft-like feel in the high-ceilinged bedroom area. The public spaces are wide open to the outdoors with extensive windows. A corrugated metal exterior wall captures current trend, while the brick fireplace recalls the origin of this home.

Update your Atomic Ranch or put some “Atomic” in your traditional ranch with an interior and exterior remodel. Contact Melton today!

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