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Making the Best of Our Time Home Together

We’re staying home, just like you, and we want to make the most of this time. Perhaps you’re trying to stay focused on work, or you’re trying to co-work with a partner at home. Maybe, you’re looking to find ways to engage your kids. Whichever situation you are in, we have tips about making our time home together a productive, joyful time.

Learn Something New

It’s critical that your whole family feels engaged while social distancing. There are excellent resources that families have been using for years for homeschooling. Keeping your children engaged will make life easier and enjoyable for everyone. It’s also essential if you don’t have kids, to participate in learning something new. It is easy to get off track and fall into a mental rut. Choose to better yourself while being isolated and learn a new skill that will help yourself, your career, or your community. We compiled our favorite list of resources that we love for children and adult learning!

Tinker Art Studio- Free Art Workshops on YouTube

Our favorite Boulder art studio now has a series of free youtube videos aimed at engaging kids to be creative and learn new techniques. They will be posting new videos daily and will have take & make kits available for pick up.

Khan Academy

Free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.


Peer to peer and classroom connection, communication, and collaboration. Belouga provides teachers and students with a personalized learning experience through community and content without sacrificing creativity or curriculum needs.


The world’s largest selection of courses for children- as well as adults! (You should be engaged too!) Find courses in your industry, or try something new like art & design or personal development.

Learning Ladders

This is a family collaboration learning tool that engages both the parents and children in learning together.

Set a Routine

You know both you and your family do better with structure outlining your day. Sticking to a similar schedule that you would usually follow Monday through Friday is beneficial, according to Time Magazine. Create a family schedule and post it for everyone to see. Even if it’s just you and your significant other, setting boundaries will make for a happy and healthy home life. We recommend using a schedule making tool if you need inspiration.

Free Schedule building tool

A free schedule maker tool that helps you and your family be more productive and focused.

Be Healthy

Although having your routine disrupted is stressful, there has never been a better time to work on you. Now is the time for you to breathe, eat well, and even exercise without life getting in the way. Choose to think positively about social distancing. For the first time, in perhaps a long time, your schedule may be free. How will you make the most of it? Realign yourself with who you are and what your values are. Consider an online workout subscription or downloading a meditation app. 

Eat Well

You now have the time to prepare healthy meals and focus on healthy choices. If you’re looking for a night off from cooking, there are so many local healthy restaurants making food for pick up or delivery. Some of our local favorites:

Leaf | Boulder

Incredible vegetarian dishes with plenty of gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Moxie Bread Co. | Louisville

The. Best. Bread. Ever. They have many incredible sandwiches and dessert options, too.

24 Carrot Bistro | Erie

Focuses on bringing local and seasonal farm to table elements to all their dishes.

Be Creative

How about finally picking up that hobby you’ve meant to try? Is there a half knitted sweater collecting dust in your closet? Now is the time to finish it. If you’re looking for structure, there are many options for online e-courses to learn a new skill or craft, such as Creative Bug. If you are interested in tapping into your creative side and needing some prompts, connect online with your friends and family to gather inspiration or ideas to start a new story or project. Your options are endless.

We’re feeling the strangeness of the current state of things, too. We are staying busy focusing on our projects and dreaming about future ones, always focusing on the positive. We’d love it if you reached out and told us about what you’re excited about in the future. We’re still enthusiastic about discussing new projects, call us if you are too.

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