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Making Universal Kitchen Design Look Great

Making Universal Kitchen Design Look Great


Universal design, also known as “barrier-free living” or “aging in place,”  is often described as having features, methods and applications easily used by any person, age or ability. So something that works well for a toddler will also work well for an elder. The originators who developed this concept in the mid-1990s as a way to make buildings and products more accessible to people with disabilities quickly realized that these features often had benefits for a broader population. Design build services can help you remodel your kitchen to be more accessible for all stages of life. Consider lowering countertops, allowing for more floor space and installing larger cabinet pulls.

A stovetop with an open bottom allows for easy access for someone in a wheelchair. And a water faucet directly over a stove cuts down on trips back and forth to fill a pot.

Inside what looks like a cabinet is actually a dishwasher. This unit is raised for ease of use and pairs well with a lower counter on its side to place items before and after use.

Skip digging through cabinets and having to worry about how to store pantry essentials. Rollout shelves tucked inside a bottom cabinet offer ample storage for go-to items.

A sink designed to sit lower than countertops can help smaller children wash their hands, while the recessed bottom allows space for a wheelchair or walker to rest.

A kitchen countertop area that offers a 180° workspace is helpful to get everything done in one spot—not to mention the small sink and stovetop. This design helps people from taking multiple trips around the kitchen.

Countertops placed at assorted heights make this kitchen easily accessible for chefs of any age.

A microwave and stove positioned at countertop height help reduce reaching up high or down low.

Design build services can create a feature that utilizes existing cabinet space. This one brings items down with a simple pull of a bar.

Stovetops designed to have knee clearance are great for people in wheelchairs. Notice how the knobs are transformed into buttons here for ease of use.

This kitchen offers plenty of room for a wheelchair or walker, and the oversized cabinet pulls allow for easy opening and closing.

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