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Inspect & Repair Your Deck This Season

The Check List

If you’re looking into how to repair your deck, look no further. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your wood deck is necessary to keep your deck looking good and keeping it functioning properly. Checking in on your deck in the spring and then again in the fall will help you stay on top of your deck’s maintenance. Having a deck and adding that outdoor square footage to your house is such an incredible feature. Tending to small repairs will help you prevent major reconstruction projects and allow your family to enjoy your outdoor space many months out of the year. We’ve created the following checklist to help outline how to repair your deck:

Inspect The Wood For Rot and Damage

If there are parts of your wood deck that show rot, feeling soft and spongey after lightly poking it: you need to replace this wood ASAP. Similarly, check for warping and cupping (sinking). You’ll want to check several different sections of the deck for these issues. Start with the deck boards, support posts, joists under the deck, railings, and stairs. If you see small holes in the wood, that could be a sign; there is insect or termite damage.

Check That Your Structure Is Up To Code

It would help if you went through your city or county’s residential building codes before working on your deck’s structure. Your steps and stairs need to comply with building codes. Check them for rot and mold that is likely to form in the colder months. Slippery stair treads are a safety hazard. Steps should be cleared of all mold to prevent slipping and falling. As far as the posts go, or the vertical framing around your deck, tighten bolts and nails. Do this to ensure the structure is tightened correctly and will not wobble. Use a level to stabilize your posts and railings before tightening.

Weathered and Discolored Boards

Due to frequent temperature changes, deck boards will expand and contract which causes nails to pop up. Pulling out the old, popped nails, and replacing them or putting screws in their place will make the boards tighter and more secure. Grey and weathered deck boards indicate you’ll want to give your deck a good cleaning. We suggest washing your deck twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season, and again at the end of the season. Use a power sprayer to remove stains and breathe life into your deck. After your deck has been cleaned, use paint or a stain to reseal the wood to keep it looking fresh.

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