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Melton’s 2023 Recycle Rewind

Our Year of Green Achievements

Hello, eco-enthusiasts and sustainable living advocates! Remember the excitement of Spotify Wrapped? Well, it’s time for something even more thrilling – Melton’s Recycle Rewind! As a Certified B Corp, we’ve always been passionate about sustainable building practices, and this year, we’ve taken our commitment to the next level. We’re thrilled to share with you the highlights of our year in eco-friendly construction and how, together, we are designing, building, and living better in Boulder.

The Breakdown of Our Green Efforts:

  • Scrap Metal: 11,350 lbs.
    Our construction sites became treasure troves of scrap metal, destined for a new life. By recycling over 11,000 pounds of metal, we not only conserved natural resources, but also reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with mining and processing new materials.

  • Scrap Wood: 28,150 lbs.
    Our wood recycling efforts were no small feat – 28,150 pounds of scrap wood were given a new lease on life, reducing our carbon footprint one plank at a time.

  • Cardboard: 10,025 lbs.
    In our offices and on our sites, cardboard is an inevitable presence. We’ve diligently recycled over 10,000 pounds of cardboard, ensuring that this everyday material gets a second chance at usefulness.

  • Concrete: 40,785 lbs.
    The heavyweight of our recycling efforts! We’ve reprocessed and reused a whopping 40,785 pounds of concrete. This initiative not only prevents landfill waste but also limits the impact of new concrete production.

  • Yard Waste: 1,250 lbs.
    Landscaping and yard maintenance often generate significant waste. Our team made sure that 1,250 pounds of yard waste were composted or reused, contributing to healthier soils and greener gardens.

  • Durable Plastic: 675 lbs.
    Plastic waste is a global challenge, and we tackled 675 pounds head-on. By recycling durable plastics, we’re reducing our reliance on new plastic production, a process that’s taxing on our planet.

In addition to these impressive stats, our recycling tale includes a few quirky additions. We bid farewell to 2 old refrigerators, repurposing them into eco-friendly marvels. Then, there were the 6 sinks – yes, six! We recycled them all (now let that sink in…). And of course, the 24 solid doors we saved are now opening new paths to a greener future.

Melton’s Recycle Rewind is more than just a list of numbers; it’s a reflection of our commitment to sustainable building practices. Each pound recycled, each item repurposed, is a step toward a healthier planet. We’re not just building homes; we’re crafting a sustainable future for Boulder, one recycled material at a time. Here’s to another year of eco-friendly innovation!

Together, we’re designing, building, and living better.

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