On Trend: Monochromatic Palettes in the Kitchen

On Trend: Monochromatic Palettes in the Kitchen

Have you been to the paint section of a home improvement store lately? The sheer amount of choices is enough to drive anyone over the edge. Picking a color scheme is hard work! There’s something to be said about the simplicity of a monochromatic color palette. Not only does it keep things stress-free, but it also creates an effortlessly chic appeal.

This gray & steel combination is a perfect match for a modern, streamlined kitchen. Note the simplicity of eliminating cabinet pulls.

Gray & Steel Kitchen

For a light and airy touch, consider using beige tones. Varying shades keep it visually appealing.

Beige Kitchen

Nature plays a big element in this beautiful kitchen with wood taking center stage. Different stains add interest.

Wood Kitchen

White on white keeps this space elegant and classic. White marble countertops and painted wood pair well together.

White Kitchen

Match stainless steel appliances to gray painted cabinets. Add in a gray granite countertop and a collage of mosaic tiles in the same hue to pull it all together.

Gray Kitchen

Show off gorgeous timber cabinetry by using the same stain on the floor. Finish the look by matching the same colors in a granite countertop.

Cherry Kitchen

Who says black and white is boring? Matching patterns stand out in this monochromatic kitchen.

Black & White Kitchen

Brown hues create a warm and welcoming space.

Brown Kitchen

For a pristine clean feel, go white from head to toe. A kitchen remodeler and design build service can help you create this oversized island.

All White Kitchen

Combine solid colors and patterns in the same color to add appeal. This kitchen sticks with a monochrome feel all the way from the cabinet pulls to the stainless steel hood.

Steel Kitchen

Deep chocolate hues make this kitchen a knockout. The mosaic-tiled background adds just enough tone variation to keep it interesting.

Dark Brown Kitchen

Open floor plans are great for monochromatic kitchens. White countertops and cabinets keep it looking fresh and clean.

White Kitchen

Here the texture of the painted brick adds interest. And it pairs wells with the swirl of the marble countertop.

Painted Brick in White Kitchen

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