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Open Your Home – Creating Family Centric Spaces

Open Your Home – Creating Family Centric Spaces


A large and well-constructed space in your home provides areas for creating family conversation and connection. If you want to remodel an existing home so it’s more conducive to family interaction, a design or residential remodel company can help you transform multiple small spaces or a current big space into a warm and welcoming area for family to gather, gab and grub. There are a variety of inspired design ideas that will turn an oversized and blank room into something ultra cozy.

This large industrial space with floor to ceiling windows is great because of the little living areas within the open room. A thick wood farmhouse table plus a hanging television and wicker decor, make the room feel perfect for a night of board games or a wine and cheese party.


An oversized family living room is pleasing with the division of the room into separate stations. A dining station, TV station, music station and kitchen station are all tied together with cool warehouse hanging lighting, a red color scheme and a sleek hardwood floors. A residential remodel company can add window paneling, bookshelf built-ins and sliding wooden doors for a cozier cabin feel perfect for family time.


A desert oasis, this home is perfect for family get-togethers and hoisting friends. Chic pendant lighting, square window cutouts dotting the ceiling and unifying dark wood take the space from choppy to cohesive. Outdoor furnishings matching the interior creates even more family zones for chatting, playing and reading. The large glass sliding doors open the space for easy indoor-outdoor living.


This uber-modern space retains a coziness with the collection of similar items—from lighting pendants to stainless steel countertops and appliances. Similar style furnishings keep the room from feeling intimidating or overwhelming. With a couch, chaise and barstools, there are plenty of seating options to keep family members feeling contented and comfortable.


An updated modern living room begs for family time with a variety of seating options and spaces for dining and sharing. Chandeliers, recessed and hanging lighting fixtures offer openness and airiness that is perfect for family poker night or beckoning out-of-towners. White cabinetry, neural paint and silver accents further enhance the brightness and lightness of the space.


Just off the entry, this southwest style room doesn’t feel sprawling and unfriendly. Glass pendant lighting, wood beams and built-in shelves offer cozy touches. A vaulted ceiling keeps the room spacious. Seating in the way of couches, stools and dining chairs make this space perfect for family functions.


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