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Plan Your New Home Remodel From your iPad

Is being at home more causing you to dream about what you want to change at your house? We understand! If you have an iPad, you can start to plan your new home remodel today. Using tools such as these can be very helpful when communicating your wants and needs to our design team. These tools aren’t a replacement for a remodeling company; however, getting started with a design app can ensure your vision is communicated clearly to your team. It’s essential to work with a design team to make sure your project is completed thoroughly and will pass city building codes and permitting.

Easy to Use Options

There is incredibly easy-to-use home design software you can use right from home to get started. If you are spending time at home and have been giving thought to improving your home, try some of these apps to get started!

Architects and designers use computer-aided design software (CAD) to draft and plan beautiful homes. If you do not have formal training with this technology, it can be extremely challenging to use. However, there are plenty of options and online tools to make the process of reimagining your home’s design. As a bonus, all this can happen from the comfort of your couch without rearranging a single thing.

Online Interior Design Tools

Creating 2D & 3D floorplans has never been easier for our customers.  FloorPlanner is a planning tool that is in-depth yet user-friendly. It takes some time to learn the program, but once you’ve gotten the hang of things, this may be all you need to take your vision to paper. With FloorPlanner, you can upload a photo of your space and work from it on their software. You’ll make accurate plans all to scale, and even choose furniture, paint pallets, and decor. The con to FloorPlanner is that it may be too detailed if you are looking for a quick redesign tool.  

Sweet Home 3D is anther online tool we recommend to bring your vision to life. This online software is a downloadable program, as well. You can register and create an account to save your designs and come back to edit them later. The biggest perk to using Sweet Home 3D is its selection of over 150,000 real-life furnishings. Being able to add in actual decor items into the redesign rendering helps visualize your room. There are many tutorials for beginners as well as options for memberships.

Roomstyler 3D Room Planner (Previously know as Mydeco) is the easiest of all the free software to use. There is no need for tutorials, although there are some if you need them. This program allows you to create 2D and 3D room views from any angle. 3D Room Planner also allows you to add actual furniture and accessory items that can be purchased online. The software is incredibly user friendly, with easy to undo and redo buttons to help fix mistakes. The only con to Roomstyler is that the presentation and visuals are very basic, and not high res as other programs.

Get Inspired!

It’s so much fun to play around with ideas beforehand. You’ll find out if the things you have been dreaming are what works for you and what you want.

Melton Design Build is open and excited to discuss your future home remodel project. We have various technology solutions that will allow us to meet virtually and safely get started on your project. Call us to schedule a meeting today.

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