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Pumpkin Craft Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and we would love to share with you creative ways to jazz up your pumpkin crafts this season. Ideas to dress up your curb appeal, along with tasty treats to be shared by all. Read, as we unveil captivating seasonal concepts you will love!

Entry Eye Candy

A wreath signifies cheerfulness at all times. Bright orange and full of texture, create this ruffled monogram token to dress up your doorway. Or, the never-disappointing Halloween candy basket can be painted a sleek slate gray to enhance the vibrant flowers that lie within.


A crafter’s delight, wooden rounds painted orange with friendly pumpkin smiles, can add warmth to any room in the home. As with any projects, outdoor touches can bring a scent of the earthy season to life. Try adding in colorful leaves, straw from the fields or gourds to wrap it all together.


While crafty is fun, a touch of elegance is a way to dress up the season. No carving here, painted, studded and bejeweled pumpkins can deliver a homerun with trendsetters. Glass domes and pedestals instantly create a wonderful tablescape, creating a dimensional appeal to any display.


“Welcome,” “enjoy,” “thank you.” Never hesitate to use the surface area of your pumpkin to share with your guests a festive message. One letter or whole poems, pumpkins are a versatile medium for delivering your message.

Kid Friendly

Children create memories that come to life on Halloween. Goofy characters, such as Despicable Me and Cookie Monster offer youthful colors the kids will love to craft.

Treats & Refreshments

Celebrations and seasonal hype are never without delicious food and refreshing beverages. This beverage ice-chest is one of our favorites. By lining the hollowed out pumpkin and filling it with ice, you can keep beverages chilled for hours. Tasty treats are great to make, fun to serve and lovely to give as house warming gifts. These sweet, salty and crunchy orange chocolate-covered pretzels will leave an impression on all.

Cheers to a fantastic Halloween, filled with new pumpkin craft ideas that anyone can enjoy!

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