Red: Drama and Vitality for Every Room

Decorating with Red

If you’re craving a way to add drama and interest to your home, there’s no better way than with pops of color. While there is a rainbow of options for adding interior interest, there are few that have the drama and vitality of red.

From a psychological standpoint, red is the color of energy, desire, passion and determination. In China, red signifies prosperity and joy. When added to home, red acts as a spark of stimulation—it has high visibility and adds excitement to an otherwise ordinary space. Boulder interior design often fixates on one or two striking elements, and the use of red is one of the ways to create shock value and noteworthy style.

Bold touches of red throughout a home can be achieved without Herculean efforts or a big budget, and the result is an inexpensive but dynamic new space. If you’re looking to stylize your interior and start a red revolution, here are some ideas to give your abode scarlet fever.

A large laminated acrylic letter is the perfect way to express the jubilance of a persimmon color. Mounted to the wall, an oversized work of art in a zesty shade adds trendiness to a space outfitted with rustic touches and basic browns.


Shelving, art and cabinetry create a crimson cluster in a retro space. Adding blankets and pillows in reddish tangerine adds more vibrancy and luxury. Balanced against neutral wood paneling, pops of cherry are a welcome addition.


Fire engine red is well suited for a child’s sleep quarters. With a bunk bed in this electric shade, the bedroom becomes a place of fun and adventure. Paired with blue and white bedding, this patriotic room is young and celebratory.


Painting walls in a cardinal color transforms a dainty room with traditional décor into a unique space filled with liveliness. Red balances white cabinetry, doors and furnishings, and creates an appealing contrast.


A strawberry staircase is just what a narrow space needs. White walls encompass painted red steps, which offer an Old Hollywood ‘red carpet’ effect. The end result? A bright and attractive staircase sure to be a lasting conversation piece.


Sparks of red are the perfect contemporary accents in a modern bedroom. Countering white, grays and other neutrals, the pops of lipstick are a fun element and add an enticing design spin.


Rousing red feels cool and contemporary in vanity bathroom stools. Nestled underneath a large sink, this removable red accent adds a sheepish but sleek example of the power of poppy.


A glass shower is the perfect place to add an unexpected twist in the form of red tiles. Boulder interior design often dictates the use of funky and unusual style elements and this bold bathroom is no exception.

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