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Reduce Costs in 2016 with 3 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Reduce Costs in 2016 With 3 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

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There is an equal demand for enhancing your home’s appearance and reducing costs. The best way to accomplish this is by optimizing the energy levels of your property. Renovating for more energy-efficient home is not only great for the planet but is very cost-effective. Similar to our own bodies, when a home lacks what’s required to regulate all of its vast functions, it can never reach its full potential. The only way to attain it is by taking the initiative to improve from the inside out. So take pride in what’s yours and check out the latest energy-saving home improvements for 2016.

Energy-Efficient Home Sidings

This is perfect for defending your home against outside elements while preserving the youthful comfort of its inner faculties. Vinyl sliding is a good choice that not only reduces warping but transmutes sagging. The special design allows rain to easily channel through its own drainage system. Not to mention that the cedar tech structure has a pristine look closely resembling authentic cedar. If you want to take it a step further, grab some insulated vinyl siding and enjoy the additional layer of insulation that comes with it.

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Energy-Efficient Kitchen Features

The kitchen is generally a primary area that home owners want to improve. It is a place of family gathering and delicious food. There is the desire of making its layout modern, visually appealing and sustainable. Most problems do not start on the surface but starts from within. To really stay ahead of the curve, it’s best to select energy-efficient materials. For instance, cork kitchen flooring is perfect because of its natural defense to resist moisture. This removes the possibility of experiencing mildew and mold buildup. Another choice is bamboo flooring that’s climatically more adaptable than traditional counterparts. When it comes to your appliances and sink devices, we recommend STAR Products that specialize in energy-efficiency.

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Energy-Efficient Room Features

Despite having less space to work with, there are plenty of cool options to give your living areas a helping hand. Make sure to look at curtains that properly circulate the heat from outside. This will save energy and money by preventing you from repeatedly using fans or air conditioning. Believe it or not, your #1 fan is actually the one on your ceiling. So if you haven’t already, a ceiling fan is one of the most effective ways to make your room energy efficient during the summer and winter seasons. Just make sure its running clockwise during winter to pull heat down to floor level. Lastly, going the extra mile with the room’s insulation can make a difference and last in the long run.

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