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Smart Ways to Organize Your Closet

Smart Ways to Organize Your Closet

There’s nothing more frustrating than digging through your closet when you’re cramped for time trying to find a lost accessory or something to wear. End the madness by setting time aside to declutter and reorganize. Make sure to have a vision in mind before you plunge back into the mess to straighten it out, otherwise you’ll end up just making it worse!

Create a closet that works for you. Incorporate boxes, shelf dividers, newly repurposed items, extra lighting or possibly even additional seating. For remodeling projects, enlist in the assistance of design build services. The key is to make it work for your space and no one else’s.

Customize a closet by using multiple storage modules to hold t-shirts and accessories. Then use the top as a place to fold clean laundry to make chores a snap.

Compartmentalize a closet for easy access to items. Sweaters and bags work well when folded neatly on the top shelf, while stacks of shoes housed below shirts maximize space to its fullest potential.

Ditch the drawers and use nice containers to store go-to items instead. Don’t worry about matching them as long as they compliment each other in design and style. This is especially useful in a nursery or child’s room.

Repurpose a pant hanger to store rolls of ribbon. The same can go for a jewelry travel bag—try buttons and beads instead!

For closets that may remain open and act like an extension of the room, try keeping all the storage containers and modules the same color for a sleek effect.

Closet doors offer excellent storage space in tight corridors and often go unused. Install a shelving system to the door and store toiletries and medicine inside.

For open shelving spaces, create crafty containers to display. Dividing them based on product type will cut down on morning search time!

Design build services can create closet shelving in one space designated for two children. Dividing the area into a left and right space with centered drawers keeps it clean and simple.

Cubbies help to keep everything in its place. Using chalkboard paint for a label base can make rearranging (and relabeling) a breeze!

Turn what’s usually tossed on the floor into an art piece. Flats can double up in cylinders, while heels and sneakers can rest side by side in separate containers.

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