How to Spruce Up Your Exterior

There is no need to settle on the same drab exterior for another year. Take advantage of this perfect time for finishing outdoor renovations, and keep your home looking refreshed with exciting touch-ups. There are many ways to elevate your home’s exterior to make a lasting first impression.

Altering landscape and adding a new coat of paint are great ways to liven up your home’s exterior, but once the blue spruce is in and the paint looks fresh, it might be time to take the overall appearance to the next level. Check out these great exterior home renovation ideas that will give your home a new and updated look. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for more renovation inspirations.

Outdoor lighting. Spruce up your home’s exterior and improve the ambiance by using elegant lighting to highlight feature elements. Achieve a desired feel by choosing from different options like uplighting, downlighting, zonal lighting or moonlighting. Use LED or solar-powered lights to maximize efficiency, and select fixtures made of materials that coincide with the exterior design. Installing lighting allows you and your guests the luxury of moving around with ease while adding style to an entryway, porch or patio.

Wood crafted doors.
Update your exterior with rich-colored wood doors. Add beauty to the façade with garage or front doors in walnut, redwood, cedar or hemlock finishes. Garage doors with a single or double layer of insulation are as functional as they are attractive; the insulation increases both efficiency and durability of the door. Achieve a rustic or contemporary look with this style. Adding accents like wood panels around widows will enhance the door colors. Schedule a consultation to find out which custom wood finishes will work for your home.

Stone steps and walkways.
A simple way to liven up an exterior, while putting together natural elements, is to install a beautiful, patterned walkway. Get a mountain-inspired look with a stone walkway leading to the patio, driveway or garden. Placing stone around a fire pit complements surrounding paths and extends the design into a patio area. If there is a grade leading to the front door, refine your entryway by creating stone steps. A steep grade with steps may require railing; a general contractor will help find the right railing that goes with the masonry.

New roofing.
Refreshing the roof of your home will add some pop to the top while actively protecting your home from leaks. Clay tiles give the whole exterior a refined, cultured appearance. Asphalt options offer a variety of colored shingles to accent the rest of the exterior. Finding a professional contractor for this home renovation project will ensure all aspects are covered, including the condition and slope of the roof and materials needed.

Mortar makeover.
Dress up your home’s exterior with gorgeous brick or stone. Make your home stand out by changing the overall theme with a new texture. Fun styles like a whitewashed brick can add a fascinating, modernized appeal to exterior areas. Veneer stone or brick siding also offers a great new look. They give the appearance of fully sized bricks or stone and provide better insulation. When giving your home a mortar facelift, it’s important to consider the colors, pattern of the stone or brick as well as the grout color and technique used to create an impressive look.

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