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The Best 5 Kitchen Layouts for 2019

The Best 5 Kitchen Layouts for 2019

Each year brings with it a flurry of exciting new designs and inspiration for your home. The past few years have been all about white cabinets, clean, minimalist designs, and the rose gold obsession even leaked into kitchen styling. This year, home designers are seeing a few new trends rise to the top in the world of kitchen layouts.

The Color Trends of 2019

Rose gold and “millennial pink” were the official colors sweeping 2018, but white cabinets really dominated the kitchen scene. This year, the move seems to be toward boldly colored cabinets rather than the clean white look, giving the kitchen a high finish and a personality. And if pink were the color popping up in 2018, 2019 seems to be all about the minty fresh feel of mint green. Many home decorators have received requests for light green cabinetry, brightening up the whole feel of the kitchen. Another style preference sweeping American kitchens is two-tone cabinetry. One look at a wood upper cabinets paired with boldly painted lower cabinets, or vice versa, will have you wondering what took so long for this trend to show up!

Contrasting with the brightness of the minty green trend is the matte black appliance and fixture popularity. Rather than the stark white and minimalist feel of last year’s kitchens, hardware and fixtures are going matte black as a way to contrast the bold cabinet colors. This makes for a dramatic effect that can suit any kitchen.

Natural Elements

As a way to balance the strong color trends of this year, natural elements are being incorporated into kitchens. Tall stone backsplashes, waterfall edges, even drawer front and hood vent covers out of stone are being used to beautify kitchens.

The neutral color and light feel of natural elements make a great contrast to matte black appliances and brightly colored cabinetry.

Tech Savvy

As more of our lives revolve around technology, appliances and kitchen designs are reflecting this all-encompassing tech savviness. Appliances are beginning to be integrated, such as refrigerators with touch screens, cameras, and even wifi connectivity. Make your day to day smart and convenient with high tech appliances that help you look up new recipes, see what you have and don’t have in your fridge while shopping, and even communicate with family members.


Does it spark joy? On January first of this year, the wisdom and charm of Marie Kondo swept the nation with the new series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Americans are notorious for holding on to clutter, but with the help of this tidying expert, homeowners across the country were creating a clutter-free home and freeing up new space.

This new way of life has taken over the kitchen as well, with many decorators receiving requests for appliance cabinets as a way to tidy up countertops. Store coffee makers, toasters, and microwaves in your cabinets and make your kitchen feel larger, more spacious, and entirely clutter-free.

Whatever style calls to you, use these ideas as inspiration to make the heart of your home reflect your lifestyle. Make your kitchen your happy place with bold colors, natural elements, matte, and a Marie Kondo approved clutter-free simplicity.

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