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What Should You Know About Subway Tiles

Getting started

The designation of the subway tile is simple: subway tile is the conventional three by six tile blocks that form floors inside subways. Typically white, subway tiles have been a popular choice over the years whenever you go looking for a home décor option that can be achieved with inexpensive, multipurpose and sustainable tiles. If you are looking to make use of subway tiles in your next renovation project, here a few things that you should know before getting started.

Not Meant For the Floor

Although subway tiles have been designed to serve a wide range of purposes, they are actually not particularly suitable for the floor. The primary reason for this is that they are extremely thin, so they aren’t able to endure much weight or wear and tear. Additionally, the gaps between the tile blocks are more likely to pull dust in and hold onto it for a long time, making it difficult to clean quickly and efficiently.

Available in Glass and Stone Varieties

Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Subway Tile Home Renovation When subway tiles were first made available, they were solely designed as the thin and glazed ceramic tiles you recognize in subways today. Under the influence of innovation, however, they can now be found in various material options, including glass, white stone, and polished marble, among others. The underlying concept that gave birth to these tiles was a tidy exterior that always looks polished and offers a look of elegance and class. This idea is being taken forward by modern designers and they are making attempts to carve out the most brilliant-looking tiles so that the surface has its age-old charm tied to modern durability and design.

A Vintage Look

The most appealing fact about subway tiles is the ability to grant your home an unmatched vintage look. Because these tiles date all the way back to 1904, their style is distinct from other material options, and modern architecture celebrates the influence of traditional design. For this reason, blending the patterns of your home with the enthralling glamor of subway tiles sets your design a class apart.

Enhanced Lighting

If you decide to install subway tiles in your study, game room, bathroom or kitchen, they will work to enhance the lighting of the room. The lustrous surface of this material with its clean design often helps to soften the light in areas it shines too brightly, meaning that it is the perfect match for any form, texture, and color of the hardware. With no restriction on the dimensions, you are free to choose any size, color, and material of subway tile to meet the design needs of the interior of your house.


Now that you know everything about subway tiles, call us today to talk about how you can add subway tiles in your home remodel.


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