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Tips on Making the Best of This School Year

Thinking Forward

As summer begins to come to a close, many families in the Boulder area face big decisions. Working remotely and homeschooling, there is no easy decision to be made. Melton believes that happy homes encourage happy families. Take our design advice for your home to promote productivity and calmness going into the new school year.

Feng Shui

How does your main living area look and feel to you? Your home should feel calm, safe, and friendly. Feng Shui is the practice of looking at your living and working environments and striking a balance and flow with nature. Even more simply, does your home feel calm and have a flow that works for you and your household? Create an inviting entryway into the home. Keep the house decluttered. Create an organized system for objects that tend to accumulate in areas of your house. Keep your windows clean and clear and allow in lots of sunlight (fresh air when possible). Examine your often visited areas of the house and remove obstacles that may be in your path.

A major element of Feng Shui is adding plants and life into your space. According to the Agricultural University of Norway, adding plants in interior spaces decreases dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs. Plants remove toxins from the air (up to 87% of volatile organic compounds) every 24 hours. Breathe life into your space and inspire a sense of calm and well being by adding greenery, opening up windows to let in fresh air (when possible), and let in the sunlight.

Establishing Clear Work Stations

Depending on who is working/schooling from home in your house, establishing clear boundaries or workstations will help everyone be more organized and productive. Having a home office is an incredible feature, but not every home is set up for that. Invest in a desk and other home office supplies to establish this space from your other living spaces. Respect the workspace to ensure you have a supportive work environment. Establish work hours, set up ground rules for yourself and your family members. This space should be set away from where you sleep and spend time with your family members as best as possible.

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The same goes for any kids in the house; setting up a home school station desk that feels uniquely theirs will help set them up for success. Keep your and your family’s workspaces organized, but feel free to decorate and add color, inspiration, and showcase images that express creative energy.

Create a Germ-Free Landing Station

Setting up a disinfecting station in your home is a great way to keep the germs and viruses at bay. Choose a single entry point in your home to be the designated landing space in your home, such as the garage or your front porch. Set this space up to disinfect your hands, clothes, purchased items, etc. before you enter your home. Include disinfectant spray, paper towels, and soap and water if possible. Avoid bringing in items such as shoes.

Showcase Creativity

The American Psychological Association has found that having a slightly un-tidy desk encourages people to be more creative and try new things, which might be what we need working from home. Be sure to showcase artwork and fun projects that you and your family have been working on- it can encourage productivity and happiness in your workspace. If you are feeling stuck in your four walls, pick up a home improvement project. Something as simple as painting an accent wall can transform the way you live in your space.

Whatever your family’s situation is as the fall approaches, be sure to take care of your space to bring relief and productivity into your life. If you are interested in a home renovation project but don’t know where to start, we’d love to chat with you to make the project come to life. Call us today.

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