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Create Usable Space Under Your Staircase

Creative Ideas

Are you interested in a creative use for that awkward space under your staircase? Did you know that there was a name for that space? It’s called a spandrel, and it doesn’t have to be a waste of valuable real estate! You have done the work to maximize your floor plan throughout your home and made it function for you. When it’s time to start planning a custom home build, consider using the space under your staircase in these creative ways.

Creating a Reading Space Under your Staircase

For readers, a cozy reading nook could be just the ticket for making the best use of this unused space. Tucked away on your own but still only a few steps from the kitchen for a cup of tea. You can disappear into your latest read without feeling too far away from the action. Have a professional take a look at the space and recommend the best design. You can have a custom bench installed below a wall of shelving to hold books. Include some brightly colored throw pillows and string up some fairy lights- you have the perfect place to relax.

Work From Home in Your Own Creative Office Nook

The design of your workplace has a massive impact on your level of productivity.  Whether you work from home or have kids, this office nook could be the perfect design for your unused space. Have someone install some light shelves and find the ideal desk to fit in the room that you have.  This is the perfect solution for the homeowner looking to tap into their creative lifestyle.

Create Your Own Wine Room

This design idea is sure to impress all guests to your home. Use this space under your staircase  to create your very own exposed wine cellar with backlit space. Work with a designer to decide on the best materials to fit in with the design of the rest of your home.  With this design, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of pulling a bottle of wine from your very own cellar whenever you like.

Increase Your Storage Under the Staircase

Everyone could use a little bit of extra storage. Talk to a Project Manager today about creating a sophisticated storage system to create a coat closet with slots for bags, a space for umbrellas, and drawers for extra odds and ends in your new room. Alternatively, have your design team create tiered shelves that mirror your steps for whimsical and innovative storage design. For a tidy look, have them build in drawers for a place to store extra items and keep everything fully tucked away. There are many creative ideas to stay organized in these unused spaces of your home!

It’s time to stop thinking of your spandrel as wasted space! Make the best use of this space under your stairs by creating a home office, a private reading area, your customized wine cellar, or extra shelving and storage space, and you will be so glad that you did. Making use of every inch of your home is essential to the value of your home and necessary to keep an organized home and creative lifestyle.

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