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Work From Home in Style – Bold Décor

Work From Home in Style – Bold Décor

Working from home sure has its perks. You can lounge on the couch, put your feet up and sneak in a load of laundry all while cranking out some work! If you’re going to make the shift, why not do it in style? Create an office that not only works for you, but also compliments your design palette. Below are some ways to set up an office so it’ll help you accomplish the job in the most stylish way possible.

This home office has a tremendous amount of style. From the bold tree print wallpaper to the gold birdcages hung as décor, you can see a solid theme carried throughout. Funky accessories can make a space fun and more enjoyable.

Patterned wallpaper in a bright color scheme is a great trick to perk up small spaces. The mostly white print hung on the wall helps tone down the look and keeps the pattern from being too much.

Rooms painted in a dark hue can be soothing to work in. They also make this beautifully designed desk more of a focal point. Attractive lights are both functional and artistic.

This elegant design has a simple color scheme. Long drapes add sophistication, and the large photograph on the wall polishes off the space.

Design an office that works for you during your next home renovation. Install French doors and a lighting fixture to add impact. A bright painting inserts pops of color into a neutral space.

Use drapes to perk up a tiny space. Carry the cloth theme throughout with unique fabric-covered chairs. Interesting furniture shows personal character and flair.

A table can easily be converted to a desk. Chairs in a bright color give it a cool and funky feel. The robin’s egg blue walls compliment the brown hue carried throughout.

This color scheme is anything but drab! Artsy furniture in an eye-catching yellow, perk up this home office. Keeping the rest of the room mostly white helps maintain a professional feel.

Convert a patio or sunroom into an office with a home renovation. Forgoing curtains helps the natural light flood in. Keeping the exposed bricks warms the room, while the elegant chandelier refines the space and injects more style.

A color palette of gray, black and white can make a space more sophisticated. Add in an artistic light fixture and oversized painting and you’re done!

Wallpaper can give an office heaps of style. This opulent print pairs well with the textured carpet and sleek black desk. Bursts of pink add interest and appeal.

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