Work it Out- Great Home Gyms

Work it Out- Great Home Gyms

Making a commitment to better health is always a smart choice. However, sometimes waking up and driving to the gym during the dark hours of the morning or heading there after a long day at work is a deal breaker for so many of us. That’s why a home gym is the ideal solution. With only a room-to-room commute, it makes getting there effortless.

Home gyms can also save you boatloads of money. The small upfront investment on equipment and any design build services will greatly outweigh monthly gym membership premiums. Plus think of the convenience and value of the time-opportunity cost. It’s clear to see it’s all worth it! Here are some inspiring photos of home gyms that help keep bods in shape all year round.

Convert a large room or basement into a home gym by adding mirrors across a wall and a ballet bar. Design build services can give you a wooden dance floor fit for a professional.

For an upscale home gym, treat it as you would the rest of your house. A tiled wall unit with rich wood tones on the cabinets keeps the clutter away and out of site. A mirrored wall makes a room feel larger. Pendent lights add a touch of elegance.

Glass walls are an excellent option for parents who want to be close to their children, but still want to have their own space. It also allows for an easy way to keep one eye on the kiddos. Floor to ceiling windows to the backyard flood the area with light, while the light blue wall color keeps the room upbeat.

Perk up your workout with bright colors in your home gym. A large shelving unit can frame out a TV and double as storage.

For small spaces that don’t allow for much, stick to your routine basics. A TV mounted high in the corner will make it visible from all angles and an open shelving unit helps keep dumbbells and towels off the floor.

Zen-like gyms won’t look like traditional gyms at all. Instead of painting a wall for a pop of color, consider hanging a piece of fabric instead. A large oriental rug softens the room and acts as extra padding under yoga mats.

Gorgeous woodwork deserves to be shown off. Sliding glass doors allow for easy ventilation and help bring a little of the outdoors inside.


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