Rebuilding After a Colorado Wildfire
-Marshall Fire Resources-

⁠We love our community, and like many others, want to help those affected by the Marshall Fire. Below, we’ve gathered (from multiple sources) and created resources for homeowners faced with total loss to help navigate the next part of this journey. We hope they are of help to this community, and our friends, clients, and trade partners as it rebuilds.

Insurance Claims Resources & Temporary Housing


The Colorado Division of Insurance is a great resource for help regarding filing an insurance claim, as well as helping individuals navigate their specific situation. They have also been hosting virtual town hall meetings to review important information and answer questions. You can find out more information by visiting Or you can review their “Marshall Fire – Tips for Consumers” information packet.

Temporary Housing Resources:

Steps for Rebuilding Your Home

We’ve put assembled a lot of resources, things to consider, and tips for moving forward with rebuilding your home into clear steps for each homeowner to take. Each of the steps below are covered more in-depth in our “Steps to Take After a Wildfire” PDF.

  • Understand your rights under your homeowner’s insurance plan
  • Start tracking expenses right away
  • File a claim with your insurance company
  • Return home to access the damage once it is declared safe to do so
  • Apply for additional assistance if needed
  • Decide if you want to rebuild or relocate
  • Get a quote from your insurance company for the rebuild- be prepared to negotiate
  • Clear debris from your lot (Boulder County Debris Removal Program)
  • Have an inspector check the utilities
  • Research Design Build Companies and Contractors
  • Choose the path forward that will be best for you

Throughout this entire process make sure you take moments to check in on your emotional well-being. “The aftermath of a wildfire can include mood swings, sleep disruption, and stress reactions. It is important to be alert to how you are feeling so that the emotions do not become overwhelming.” (Boulder County). This is in addition to the typical stress experienced by most people when building or renovating a home.

Boulder County also has a great guidebook available to everyone that includes helpful checklists and tips. Click here to view the “After the Disaster Guidebook – Boulder County” 

Local Resources

City & County Resources / Updates: 

Boulder County Disaster Assistance Center

Rebuilding and Repairs in Unincorporated Boulder County Resource Page – Building Department 

  • This is the Boulder County rebuilding resources page and contains information and links to important information impacting rebuilding in unincorporated Boulder County.

City of Louisville Fire Update

  • This website includes an incredible amount of resources and information and includes the ability to sign up for important email updates.

City of Louisville – Building Safety Department

  • All reconstruction is subject to zoning and building codes. The above link takes you to a page with  handouts that summarize the applicable regulations for each affected neighborhood.
  • Louisville Building and Safety Department FAQs

Town of Superior – Marshall Fire Information

Questions / Non-Emergency Issues: 

Mental Health:

“A natural disaster like a wildfire can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being. Take steps to ensure you are taking care of your emotional needs during this time of crisis.” – Boulder County “Mental Health After a Wildfire”


The Top Questions We've Heard

  1. Why am I hearing of insurance settlements in the $250-$350 per sq. ft. range, but builders are quoting closer to the  $450+ per sq. ft. range?
  2. How long will it take to design, permit and build a new home?
  3. Does it make sense to rebuild a smaller home?
  4. Our home builder no longer has the original plans for our home, is there a way for me to find/get the former floorplan?

Our Comprehensive Approach to Rebuilding

Melton is a design-driven custom home builder that has served Boulder County since 1993. We offer design-build services for clients who want to work solely with one firm from the beginning to the end of their new home build. Our in-house architects and designers will work with you to design your home and ensure that your plans will be able to pass all local building and energy codes. Next, our talented and reliable construction team members will build it. What you end up with is a beautiful custom home—designed just the way you want it—with impeccable workmanship and attention to detail.

If you choose to use an architect outside of Melton, we are more than willing to work in tandem to ensure your project stays within your budget and provide you with the quality craftsmanship in construction for which Melton is known for. We take pride in every project as well as our ability to produce award-winning projects on time and on budget.

If you lost your home in the fire and want to speak with one of our dedicated Marshall Fire project developers about your specific situation and goals please complete the form below or call (303)473-9542. 

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