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Our Approach

Our Promise

Quality Craftsmanship, Guaranteed

Proactive Protection

Melton’s Red Carpet Warranty reflects our ethos of excellence and a people-first approach, standing by every project with pride. Anticipating your needs, we schedule three warranty visits to scrutinize and perfect every detail of your remodel. We’ll test smoke alarms, touch up grout and caulk, and even peek behind your appliances to check for water leaks. Our comprehensive care, from functional checks to aesthetic touch-ups, is our promise of unmatched craftsmanship and your ultimate peace of mind.

Clients for Life

We not only protect you against schedule and cost overruns, we also stand behind our work after your project is completed with our exclusive Melton 2-Year Limited Warranty. Think of it as our way of saying, ‘We’ve got your back (and your walls and floors)’ for the long haul. We stand by our work with pride, covering any workmanship defects for two years and settling-related issues like drywall cracks in the first year. Offering this level of care is second nature to us because we’re all about making sure you’re not just happy with your remodel today, but for years to come.

*The information on this page is a brief overview of our Limited Warranty. The specifics and details of the plans may change. Appliances, equipment, and materials carry manufacturer warranties and are not covered by our warranty.  The exact terms of these agreements are part of our contracts and are available for your review upon request. These programs cover projects whose contracts were signed on or after November 1, 2008.

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