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First Floor Freedom


Welcome to a harmonious blend of luxury and practicality. Our latest remodel is a celebration of timeless design, tailored for effortless living and enduring comfort.

Embracing Elegance and Accessibility

In the heart of North Boulder, a cherished family home undergoes a transformative renovation, harmonizing timeless design with the ease of modern living. The first-floor addition introduces an open-plan bedroom, where daylight bathes warm oak floors, leading to an ensuite sanctuary. Here, the delicate dance between function and form is epitomized by a shower space with a seamless entry, its floor gently kissing the ground at zero elevation, inviting one to slide into serenity without a care (or a step).

A Serene Sanctuary Awaits

The bathroom, a study in accessibility, presents a water closet graced with unobtrusive supports, offering steadiness and peace of mind. A vanity set against a large, well-lit mirror is crowned with marble, hosting fixtures at a convenient reach for a morning ritual, simplified. In every corner, subtle touches – like handles and grips that could double as modern art – merge discreet support within the home’s stylish embrace.

Harmony Between Home and Horizon

As the evening draws in, the home’s exterior whispers of the thoughtful curation within. A gently sloped walkway winds to the welcoming entrance, promising safety and stability beneath the stars. This remodel isn’t just a series of spaces but a testament to living gracefully, with every corner crafted to uphold the joy of the home’s enduring spirit.

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