Erie Residents See Home Remodeling Solutions from Melton Design Build

Since 1993, Melton Design Build has used its remodeling expertise to delight hundreds of Erie, Colorado residents with homes that feel just right.

We know your home is more than a place to hang your hat – it’s the place you live your life. That’s why we act as more than a typical remodeling contractor. We also serve as your guide through the remodeling process so your home feels welcoming, looks beautiful and reflects your individuality.

You’ll enjoy the Remodeling Experience with the Leading Home Remodel Contractor in Superior
In fact, as one of Superior’s premier home remodelers, we’re recognized for providing excellent architect-created design solutions, sound construction and great project management. Our clients are pleased they chose Melton when they were looking for a home remodeling company. The say it’s because we create beautiful designs with accurate pricing. They also love that we develop a strong project management plan before construction ever begins. Our verified client satisfaction rating (meaning they would use us again and recommend us to others) is over 94% compared with the average national satisfaction rating for general contractors of only 64%. We credit these high marks to the fact that we have a proven process for designing and building.

During almost two decades as a remodeling contractor, we’ve created excellent systems and proven approaches that let us guarantee what other contractors can’t—a successful home remodeling project that you will love. This rewards our clients with beautifully designed custom living spaces as well as a remodel experience that’s professional, enjoyable and completed on time and within budget.