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Alex M.

Alex joined the Melton team with a diverse background of 18 years in construction, design, and real estate, armed with a Bachelor’s in Architecture & Environmental Design from the University of Colorado – Boulder. His journey has taken him from the lumber yards of Colorado to the forefront of residential and commercial design projects. Among his notable projects is a historic preservation in Lexington, MA, converting a Civil War-era building into a modern marvel, demonstrating his commitment to merging historical integrity with contemporary living. In the world of design and build, Alex thrives on seeing projects evolve from mere ideas to transformative spaces that enhance how people live and work, a process he finds both rewarding and inspiring.

Outside the office, Alex’s life is a canvas of varied interests. Whether he’s channeling his inner craftsman through woodworking, shooting hoops, playing golf, or rollerblading, Alex approaches each with enthusiasm and skill. His childhood dream of becoming a Disney Imagineer now fuels his creativity and love for storytelling in design, making him the team’s resident expert on all things Disney (and if you ever need a Disney trivia partner, Alex is your man!).

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