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Benjamin F.

Benjamin, a CCSU Connecticut alum with a BA in Spanish, brings over 30 years of rich residential construction experience to Melton. Not just a builder but a storyteller, he hails from a lineage of carpenters and has honed his craft from a young age, armed with a Certified Graduate Remodeler credential from the National Association of Home Builders. His portfolio boasts a particularly memorable project: restoring a historic late 1800s Victorian house, complete with ornate craftsmanship and Prohibition-era secrets (think stained glass windows and steel doors, not bathtub gin).

Off the clock, Benjamin is all about camping, hiking, and adventures in his ’93 VW Eurovan. Alongside his wife, Ali, and a menagerie of pets, he cherishes the Colorado outdoors. For Benjamin, the joy of remodeling and design-build lies in the tangible outcomes and the smiles they evoke from satisfied homeowners. Whether he’s reviving historic houses or diving beneath the sea for construction (yes, he’s done that too), Benjamin’s work celebrates the beauty of transformation and the stories spaces tell.

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