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Josh A.

Since 2004, Josh has been crafting spaces with Melton, where his knack for transforming concepts into realities flourishes. Educated at the University of Colorado, he wields a Master’s in Architecture, complemented by his role as a Licensed Architect in Colorado and a LEED AP. Josh’s portfolio, brimming with diverse projects from eco-friendly apartments to chic restaurants, showcases his talent for sustainable and impactful design. Notably, his work on the Hazel Court Apartments stands out for its innovative use of prefabricated modules in affordable housing, a testament to his creativity and problem-solving prowess.

Away from the drawing board, Josh lives life in full gear. A father of three and husband, he’s also a soccer enthusiast, a vintage car restorer, and an avid cyclist (with at least 12 bikes to his name—no, really, we counted). His passion for design-build resonates in his personal life, where collaboration and innovation steer his hobbies and family adventures. Josh’s approach to life and work mirrors the Melton ethos—blending professional excellence with personal passion, all while keeping sustainability in focus (and maybe a bit of bike grease under his nails).

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