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Kati D.

With a BA in English from CU Boulder, Kati brings a unique perspective to the Melton Design Build team. Born and raised in Denver, she recently expanded her skills at Fiske Planetarium, honing an exceptional eye for detail and strong writing abilities. Kati is passionate about the impact of environments on personal expression and quality of life.

When not contributing her keen eye and articulate voice to our projects, Kati indulges in her love for movies, books, and music, embracing all forms of storytelling. Alongside her partner Alex of five years, she navigates a busy household with two cats and two dogs, adding warmth and joy to her life. An interesting facet of Kati’s life is her nearly completed horror novel, a testament to her creative flair and ability to captivate audiences. Kati’s combination of literary skill, local insights, and passion for storytelling enriches our team’s approach to creating spaces that genuinely reflect our clients’ personalities.

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