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Lauren K.

Lauren, a University of Georgia alumna with a focus on Fine Arts & Interior Design, brings fresh creativity and a unique approach to our team. With 3 years of experience in both commercial and residential projects, Lauren’s prior work at Cortland Design in Denver has honed her ability to think outside the box and effectively connect with diverse clientele.

A Maryland native, now married to Jake and a loving parent to two dogs, Bruce and Maxine, Lauren’s life is full of passion. Her interests include live music, thrifting, singing, playing soccer, and pottery. Lauren finds immense joy in transforming abstract ideas into reality within the design-build industry. Her unique background even includes performing in the opera “Hansel & Gretel” at age 12, showcasing her diverse talents and experiences.

Lauren’s blend of artistic vision and interpersonal skills makes her a standout addition to the Melton team.

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