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Ryan G.

Ryan joined Melton with a rich tapestry of experiences under his belt, including a Masters of Architecture from Montana State University. With certifications like NCARB and a Colorado state architectural license, Ryan’s portfolio is a kaleidoscope of projects— from luxury homes to community planning. Notably, he clinched first place in Modern in Denver’s 2012 Modern House Competition and had his innovative ADU spotlighted in Boulder Lifestyles Magazine in 2020. His career, spanning since 1997 in construction and 2002 in architecture, is a testament to his passion for transforming spaces. Among his most impactful works is the Santa Fe Art District Master Plan, where he proposed solutions to enhance pedestrian access and revitalize the area—a project that underscores his commitment to community-enhancing design.

Beyond the drafting table, Ryan is a Wyoming native who has called Colorado home while leaving creative footprints across states like Montana, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. He’s not just about improving lives through architecture; his life outside work is a pursuit of enjoyment in Colorado’s great outdoors, diving into live music, and indulging in pottery as his form of therapy. With Alma, his partner of many years, their home is a sanctuary filled with plants, pets, and the promise of their next adventure. Whether it’s exploring the garden or planning their next travel destination, Ryan’s life is a blend of creativity, commitment, and the continual pursuit of joy (and let’s not forget his unyielding passion for Red Rocks concerts, where he’s likely plotting to improve the acoustics with his architectural prowess!).

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