What Our Clients Say

Nothing means more to us than making our clients happy, unless perhaps it is making them so happy they come back to us or refer us to their friends and family!

“Good design work; good communication; high quality craftsmanship.”

“Excellent design service, well planned project, they stick to budget and schedule, I have confidence that I can always count on Melton if anything arises in the future…The finished product – my master bath – exceeded my expectations. I can’t say it any more plainly…I love it!”

“Tony was awesome to work with and clearly set high standards that he sticks too. Lots of professional pride was evident with everyone who worked on the project. Because I work from home, I saw everyone who worked on the project and they were really a nice group of people who were friendly, down to earth, professional and seemed dedicated to doing their best work. Craig, Cliff, Rio, Ron, etc — all great folks. Ty has a good rapport with his staff. We thought the project was run well and are very pleased with the overall results. We have no regrets from having done it and everyone who has seen it has been very complimentary of the remodel.”

“Our experience with Melton was terrific. Everyone at the company was great to work with, and we are thrilled with the outcome of the work.”

“I have an old home and I worried that any an addition we added wouldn’t fit the house. Melton’s design team really made the difference. Our addition looks like it has been part of our home for the last century. The execution of that design was also done with care and attention to detail. I’d use Melton again in a heartbeat. In fact, I plan on it.”

“I was most satisfied with their ability to take on an existing project, take ownership of it, and complete the project well.”

“Our remodeling experience with Melton was nothing short of phenomenal. There was never a moment where we felt that things were not under complete, competent control. Everyone in the organization at all levels was professional and courteous.”

“On our last project, the crew really came through and finished a room remodel on time and on budget. They did so with minimal disruption to the household, which was important as we had a new addition to the family. The crew was extremely polite, professional, and a pleasure to work with. As always, the quality of the work was excellent.”

“Our 4th remodel project — once again — you started on time, finished early, and the price was exactly what was quoted. I couldn’t ask for more. You guys are the best!”

“…Aside from doing an outstanding job, they were great to work with. They were willing to take the extra step to get the job done, and I admire that quality in a person. Not many have it. They were also very good at finding solutions to problems that arose.”