Exclusive 2-Year Limited Warranty*

Melton’s Red Carpet Warranty ensures you’ll be happy with all the details of your project. We’ll call you to schedule warranty visits three, six and twelve months after your project is complete to check in on your project. We’ll test smoke alarms, touch up grout and caulk, inspect behind your refrigerator or washing machine for water leaks and other things. We invest the time in this because it’s important to us that everything is just right and you are happy with your remodel.

We not only protect you against schedule and cost overruns, we also stand behind our work after your project is completed with our exclusive Melton 2-Year Limited Warranty.  It is by far the best in the area and among the best in the country. For the first two years after construction our plan covers defects in workmanship.  We even will cover things like drywall pops and cracks caused by normal settling during the first year.

We know the quality of our work and so we can offer this generous extended limited warranty.  Don’t leave yourself exposed to potentially expensive repairs by settling for a lesser quality warranty.

*The information on this page is a brief overview of our Limited Warranty.  The specifics and details of the plans may change.  Appliances, equipment and materials  carry manufacturer warranties and are not covered by our warranty.  The exact terms of these agreements as they are today are part of our contracts and are available for your review upon request.  These programs cover projects whose contracts were signed on or after November 1, 2008.

Please contact us today to learn more about our Guarantee and Warranty and what we can do for you.