6 Must Haves for the Basement Bar

A basement bar is no longer a relic of the ’70s. Today’s basement bars are functional, beautiful and high-tech. Here are six must-haves for designing the perfect bar for entertaining in your home.

Storage. Every basement bar starts with some type of storage. A basement remodel can create a large bar area with custom or semi-custom cabinetry that includes built-in wine racks. There are some custom cabinetry options that can better fit your storage needs such as drawers with storage racks, retractable shelves for saving space or having cabinets for your trash and recycle bins. You might opt for hanging your stemmed glassware or display it on glass shelving. Open cabinets, shelves and drawers are a great way to mix up cabinet designs in a basement bar.

A small bar refrigerator is great space for keeping beer and mixers cold. It can also be a great space-saver if you choose one that fits in with your cabinetry. With a refrigerator you can keep handy garnishes such as citrus fruit, cherries or celery for your brunch bloody mary. If you’re a wine drinker, a wine cooler that keeps your whites at the perfect temperature is a great addition to a basement bar. If you have the space for a full size refrigerator, it can allow for you to have quick and easy access to ice.


Fireplace. Create ambiance with a fireplace near the bar. If you like the crackle of real logs, choose from a clean-burning wood fireplace. Or, to avoid the hassle of wood and ashes, opt for gas. Today’s models come in a variety of styles from traditional to modern. A basement remodel can allow you to design a custom fireplace to add personal taste to the aesthetic and create something that coordinates with your overall basement bar design. For example, a brick fireplace paired with dark wood creates a traditional, masculine design style.

Basement Bar Remodel
Basement Bar Remodel


A Large TV. No bar area is complete without a large TV for watching the game, the Oscars or the latest Netflix sensation! Make sure your TV is in a place that’s convenient to see from the bar and seating area.  A full-motion, wall-mount system is a great option for the basement bar area to accommodate guests seated in any part of the basement.

Bar sinks allow for your basement bar to be a one stop shop for all drink-making and cleaning needs. You can use it for cutting lemons or other drink garnishes, rinsing out glasses and keeping the area clean. A drawer dishwasher is convenient to have at your basement bar to keep all your barware in the same place so you don’t end up hauling glassware and other utensils upstairs to be washed.

Basement Bar Remodel
Basement Bar Remodel


Barware. Stocking your bar with barware can be a fun shopping trip! In addition to standard glassware, don’t forget the cocktail shaker, double jigger, stirrers, cocktail picks, whiskey rocks and more. Have fun with it and choose something that coordinates with the design style of the basement bar design. If you have a contemporary, sleek bar design, some simple glassware and shiny chrome barware is a good choice. After that, all you need is to schedule your first bar party!

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