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9 Loving Living Spaces for Your Pup

9 Loving Living Spaces for Your Pup

Building a home for your furry friend can be a tall order, but one that is sure to please. Keep your animal’s size in mind when designing the perfect hideout. Consider your pet’s personality and your home’s design aesthetic to craft the idyllic animal space. Some dogs love to be where all the action is while others want a quiet retreat. Creating a washing station can help you keep the house tidy—better for you and your furry friend.

A built-in doghouse creates a cozy dog space without losing viable living space. A home remodeling contractor can construct a nook that’s the perfect size for your pup and won’t break the bank.

A special shower space allocated just for dogs can keep your guest bathrooms looking sharp. Glass doors present a clean, modern feel, and tiled floors and walls keep the room’s cohesive style in tact.

Small dogs can cozy up under window benches. By forgoing the door, the dog can enter or exit whenever it desires.

Storage space with a 2-in-1 shelving unit doubles as a comfy spot for your pup and offers cubbies to organize all things dog-related such as treats, toys and canine-themed books.

Treat your pets like royalty by creating a glamorous living space. Use a home remodeling contractor to construct individualized dog alcoves. Add low furniture for easy animal access and a stunning chandelier for posh effect.

Extra cabinet space makes convenient sleeping quarters for dogs who like to lounge in the most active room in the house. Add a doggie door on the opposite end for a quick entrance into the backyard.


Maximize space by stacking your dog beds on top of each other. Having dogs rest and sleep in the same room meant for pet grooming helps maintain the rest of the house in tiptop shape.

An indoor doghouse tucked into the wall creates a safe haven for your pet. Keep wall paint and trim color neutral for a polished look. Tiled floors make clean up simple and easy to manage.

A space that might be an awkward fit for furniture can be the best fit for your pups. They won’t mind their beds close together. Keep décor in line with the rest of the house’s style for a sophisticated and consistent look.

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