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Dedicating Your Upstairs to Your New Master Bedroom

For the light sleeper, dedicating your upstairs to your new master bedroom is the best choice to allow you stable, uninterrupted rest each night. Keep yourself away from the heart of the home, far removed from the clattering of dishes or the sound of the television by dedicating your upstairs to your brand new, fully customized master bedroom. Planning a new master bedroom remodel can add to the value of your home as well as allow you to be entirely comfortable in your home. What goes into creating a new master bedroom? Here are a few things to consider. 

Defining Zones

The key to an incredible master bedroom is one with clearly defined zones. As you think about your storage space, you can utilize the storage to help determine the zones of the space. For example, divide your bedroom into different areas using shelving units, glass dividers, or half walls. Give yourself plenty of space for everything that you will need: a dressing room, a home office, a quintessential en suite, and a defined seating area.

Designing Storage Space

Built-in storage spaces can make the most of the layout of your room. Maximize every single square foot of your new master bedroom by creating storage built into nooks, angles, and even your ceiling space. Implement some open shelving units to make your area feel open and airy, and create a walk-in wardrobe with plentiful shelf storage and open hanging rails. 

Color Palette Choices

When it’s time to choose the color palette for your bedroom, remember that these are colors you will see every day. Choosing a color for your bedroom is not a decision to take lightly! Whatever color palette you decide to go with, continue it through the rooms to unite them and keep a coordinated feel. Neutral paint colors can be a great choice or pastels for the brighter inclined. 

Designing Your Luxury Bathroom

Adding an en suite to your new master bedroom will add to the value of your home. What are the elements of a bathroom that say luxury to you? Is it a heated towel rack or heated floor? Is it a modern tub crafted of wood or the classic clawfoot? Maybe it’s the bright lighting and high-end fixtures that mean the most. Have fun working together with a designer to choose every element to create your perfect luxury bath.

Creating a Seating Area

Don’t limit your bedroom to just a place to sleep.  Surely, make this room a place where you want to spend time relaxing. Choose a design for a seating area that works best for you if you prefer to relax with a good TV show, set up a TV with a love seat. For example, if you are a big reade choose the perfect armchair stationed next to a bookshelf. Consider working with someone to create a window seat, which could also double as additional storage. A padded seat can lift to store linens, extra towels, shoes, or whatever you need!

One thing to keep in mind while you are planning a new master bedroom project is that this is your bedroom, and it should reflect that. Every element should reflect your personality, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Working with a professional will help you ensure that you stay true to your higher vision and end up happy with the final results. 

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