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Add Modern Flair to a Traditional Home

Traditional and modern design styles are gaining popularity in today’s homes as a blended style sometimes referred to as transitional. This blending of design styles is a great way to create a space with the functionality of modern design paired with a traditional aesthetic that is timeless and will uphold a classic appeal for years to come.

Traditional design hails from 18th Century England and 19th Century Neoclassical and French country. The aesthetic is considered timeless and classical. Some of the characteristics consist of carved moldings, floral designs, intricate woodwork and neutral color palettes.

Modern design style comes from an aesthetic created between the 1920s and 1950s. Its characteristics include the use of natural materials such as wood, leather and linen. Room layouts are open and often paired with white walls to create an expansive feeling. The design is often geometric, sleek and simple with a focus on function over decoration. Take a look at our previous blog post, Creating your Signature Interior Design Style for a detailed break down of each of these design styles.

Modern and traditional styles are opposites in many ways, so the goal is to create a stunning juxtaposition of design. Generally mixing both styles equally will make your room look confused and poorly constructed. Pick one as the dominant style and then incorporate the other style with secondary furniture pieces and smaller décor. Make sure you avoid clutter! A great way to assimilate vintage traditional pieces into a modern space is by updating them. Give antique accessories, like picture frames or lamps, a modern look by applying a new coat of bright paint. Try replacing the upholstery on an old-fashioned chair with a fun geometric patterned fabric or choose wallpaper with a traditional damask pattern in a modern color palette. Adding modern flair to the traditional furniture and décor items you love is the perfect solution to keeping your home looking up to date.

For more ideas on how Boulder residents are utilizing the modern design trend in their homes, take a look at our blog post Mid-Century Modern is a Hit in Boulder Homes.

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