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Melton + The Colorado Green Building Guild Board

Colorado Green Building Guild has Elected Melton’s Architect Greg Ingalls as their newest board member!

We are so proud of our Architect, Greg, for officially becoming a Board Member on the Colorado Green Building Guild!⁠

  • Greg has been a sustainable design advocate in architecture his entire career.
  • He is trained in sustainable practices, regional materials, construction management, and inventive design.
  • Greg started a prefab business in container Design/Build entitled the LaunchPad Project. Learn more here.
  • He is a former volunteer with Habitat for Humanity as a Teacher’s Assistant in Cape Town, South Africa.
Greg Ingalls Architect LaunchPad Design Build

We appreciate Greg’s keen eye for design, and hands on knowledge of construction as well as a strong commitment to the client experience.⁠

⁠Proud to have you on the Melton team, Greg!⁠

If you’re interested in reading more about Greg and his background, visit our Team page.

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