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The Secrets to Finding a Great Custom Home Builder

The Secrets to Finding a Great Custom Home Builder

Custom home building. The dream of almost everyone; to have a home custom built to your exact specifications and preferences. Sounds amazing, right? Not only is it easier than you think, but it happens every day. Today, more than ever, having a home custom built is affordable and accessible and easy to finance.

However, what separates a standard custom home builder from a great custom home builder? What are the secrets to finding a company that provides it all? A company that adheres to local codes while ensuring a complete full-service experience? Well, there are three main characteristics of a great custom home builder. These characteristics are excellent communication, experience in building a variety of custom homes, and reputation.


Dealing with a custom home building company should be hassle-free. This is because unlike subbing out the work to various contractors, then having to deal with the communication headaches, you will only be speaking with one person. This person is known as your project manager. This individual oversees every aspect of your custom home build. By dealing with only one individual, all the information you’ll ever need will be easily accessible.


You’ll want to ensure that the home build company you choose has experience. And not just experience, as in, they have been around for a while (which, don’t get me wrong, is a plus). But experience in building a variety of home styles. Finding the perfect layout and design is one thing, having the experience and know-how to build the home according to the specs is another. In addition, this experience will allow the builders to effectively problem-solve if and when issues arise.


Last, but not least, is reputation. The company you choose should have a reputation that reinforces their claims. Their reputation should proceed them. Any custom home builders that embody both a hassle-free communication structure and the experience in building a variety of homes should also have plenty of satisfied customers. Asking to see a portfolio should be commonplace when choosing a company to build your dream home. But asking to see reviews and perhaps even speaking to past clients should be options to consider, as well.

As with any company that offers a service, if no one is willing to speak on behalf of the company, perhaps there is a reason for that. Besides, a local home build company should be known throughout their local community and surrounding service areas.
Seeing is also believing. In addition to a portfolio, ask if someone can take you around to a few homes they’ve built in the past.

In closing

Once you have found a builder with these main qualities, you have found the custom home builder for you. Melton offers these qualities and more. Click here if you want to look at our client testimonials or here to see our work. To find out more about what we can do for you, call us today. We look forward to working with you!

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