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Wine Racks as a Beautiful Design Element

A collection of wine is worthy to be displayed like a collection of art. The possibilities are numerous for built-in wine racks with design styles that remain classy and refined. From metal or sleek wood for a contemporary design, to wrought iron or light wood for a more country western feel, preserving your living space to your specific design style is simple. A wine rack adds sophistication to any room and your display contributes to the character of your collection and reflects your knowledge of wine as well as your personal taste.

There are a couples options to consider when deciding on the best storage solution for your wine and for the space you have. First consider the overall aesthetic of the room. Choose something that is going to compliment the complete design style of the living space in order to receive a cohesive look. See our previous blog post about creating your signature design-style.

Built-in Wine Racks. A wine rack can easily be built-in to your current cabinetry, or could be designed into your kitchen space if you think it’s time to consider a remodel. Size is another aspect worth considering. The wine rack you choose should correspond, not only the size of the space you’re choosing, but also to the size of your wine collection. Determine if you are someone who knows what you enjoy and would prefer having seven or eight bottles on hand to choose from, or if you are interested in having numerous bottles on hand for a larger more diverse selection. Take account of where you’d like to implement the rack as well.

Wine Rack Furniture. Wine lovers who also enjoy a functional furniture piece may be interested in wine rack furniture. A beautifully crafted furniture addition is a great conversation piece for entertaining. These tables and cabinets can be custom-made to complement your personal taste and design style. A couple options are a tall bistro table with a wine rack that runs along the bottom table legs or a floor to ceiling wine cabinet with table and drawer space. Wine rack furniture is versatile and elegant to provide you the perfect wine storage.

Wine collecting is an art, and should be displayed as so. Take advantage of the possibilities of displaying a collection that you’re proud of while still maintaining a functional, stylish living space.

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