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12 Ideas for a Spa-Like Bath

12 Ideas for Creating a Spa-Like Bath

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Having a place to escape in the evening and soak away the day’s stresses is a luxury everyone deserves. Creating that space involves a relaxing atmosphere with luxurious materials and finishes. Check out these 12 ways to up the spa-like feel in your bathroom.

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Add Texture

Today’s tile comes in a variety of colors and textures. One of the newest looks is tile designed to look like wood. Design with “aged barn wood” to give your bath a comfortable, rustic feel. The gray tones can also lend to a modern, clean aesthetic.

“Marvelous Master” Boulder, CO

Shower Bliss

Enjoy major shower power with a multi-jet shower fixture. Three jets massage your body while the overhead sprayer envelopes you in warmth. Choose from many styles and finishes to suit your bathroom style.

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Major Marble

Take a break from the traditional when you choose Striatta marble with its highly linear design. The design looks great installed horizontal or vertical based on your bathroom design.

“Serene Bathroom Remodel” Boulder, CO

Colored Commode

Today’s toilets are designed with bathroom style in mind. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to suit any color palette and design aesthetic.

Add Bling

Fixtures are the jewels of the bathroom. Choose a style and finish to add bling to your spa-like bath. Make sure your fixtures stand out with sparkling chrome, satin nickel or even copper.

“Transitional Victorian Phase II” Boulder, CO

Warm Woods

Add rich wood tones to warm up a cool gray bathroom. The texture and color create an interesting contrast resulting in a modern —yet warm—bathroom.

“Wonderful Woods” Boulder, CO

Light Things Up

Layer the lighting in your spa-like bathroom, and use dimmers to create exactly the relaxing space you’re looking for at the end of a hard day. Be sure to include task lighting for when you’re getting ready to go out on the town. Side lights by the mirror keep shadows off your face.

“Modern Masculine” Boulder, CO

Have a Seat

If your bathroom size permits, add a seating area for some post-bath relaxing. It’s a perfect addition to a dressing area, too. A plush chair with a side table and soft lighting is a great addition to any bath and dressing space.

Just Add Heat

A fireplace might be considered a luxury item for the bathroom. But if your goal is to create a spa feel, the warmth of a fire is a great addition to the space. It will heat up the space for added comfort and the blend of fire and water is divine.

Zen Soaking

Achieve a spa-like feel with a subtle Asian influence. Clean lines, a deep soaking tub and a soft color palette creates a Zen atmosphere for a serene soaking experience. Include space for sweetly scented candles near the bath for the ultimate spa feel.

“A Serene Suite” Boulder, CO

Go Glam

Add some glamour to your bath with a well-placed chandelier. Above the tub offers space for an oversized, ornate fixture. Or consider smaller chandeliers near the vanity to add sparkle.

Miles of Tiles

Floor-to-ceiling tile is a great option for the wet spaces in your bathroom. But the look is expanding outside the shower. Tile is a great way to add color and texture to the room. Glossy, bottle-green tile create a tranquil feel for your spa-like bathroom.

“Mid-Mod Masterpiece” Boulder, CO

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