Mid-Mod Masterpiece

Boulder, CO

Located in Boulder’s Arapahoe Ridge neighborhood, a home rich with memories embarks on a new chapter, artfully merging midcentury allure with contemporary design. The primary bathroom, once a snapshot of a bygone era, has been reimagined into a serene retreat, with sleek lines and a freestanding tub that invite relaxation and a modern-day spa feel. Clean, geometric tiling complements the space, offering a tranquil backdrop for unwinding.

The living space has been equally revitalized. Where bulky shelves once stood, now lies a custom entertainment center, its minimalist design and warm wooden tones echoing the iconic midcentury aesthetic. The fireplace, too, has shed its dated façade for a modern surround, becoming a chic focal point that ties the room together. Here, form meets function in a dance of design, creating a space that’s both stylish and soothing (and definitely ready for its close-up).

Completing the refresh, the stair rail’s transformation and the secondary bathroom’s update resonate with the home’s new ethos. The rail’s sleek new look guides one into the rejuvenated lower level, while the bathroom echoes the home’s fresh identity. This project, a testament to the Melton touch, achieves a seamless blend of time-honored style and modern-day sophistication.