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Supporting Neurodiverse Thriving Through Adapted Design Principles

Designing and Building Sensory-Friendly Spaces By Echo & Graham Steers At their best, our homes can be sources of rejuvenation, restfulness, and restoration—supportive and enabling places where we can be free to embody ourselves wholly. Achieving this ideal requires designing and constructing spaces that consider the needs of all inhabitants. Thankfully there is a wealth … Continued

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2021 Guildmaster Highest Distinction Award

We’re proud to announce that Melton has earned recognition as a 2021 Guildmaster with Highest Distinction! In determining which businesses received the 2021 Guildmaster Award, GuildQuality reviewed thousands of survey responses submitted by customers of Guildmaster candidates and considered two primary metrics for each candidate: the percentage of customers stating they would recommend the business … Continued

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Our Favorite Design Trends So Far in 2021

Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Remodel

Melton’s design team has curated their favorite design trends so far in 2021. Let this list inspire your next DIY project or full-scale remodel. Our Melton design team strives to keep up on current trends while creating a vision that is both current and has a timeless foundation, so you will love the design choices … Continued

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Honoring Black History Month

Over the past few months, Melton has examined the things we can do to positively change our country’s deeply rooted injustice systems. We are committed to ensuring that all people, homes, and communities are respected and celebrated. Designing and building homes in Boulder county may only be a niche of work we do and people … Continued

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Melton + The Colorado Green Building Guild Board

Melton Design Build Greg Ingalls Architect Green Building

Colorado Green Building Guild has Elected Melton’s Architect Greg Ingalls as their newest board member! We are so proud of our Architect, Greg, for officially becoming a Board Member on the Colorado Green Building Guild!⁠ We appreciate Greg’s keen eye for design, and hands on knowledge of construction as well as a strong commitment to … Continued

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The Danish Art of ‘Open Air Living’

Melton Design Build Open Air Living Boulder Colorado Home Remodel

  You may be familiar with the Danish term “hygge” which defines a way of living focused on fostering a sense of coziness, contentment, and well-being. The concept of hygge has influenced home-design trends for years, and it’s not the only lifestyle that the Danish have introduced us to; “friluftsliv” (pronounced free-loofts-liv) is another way … Continued

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Pantone’s Colors of The Year 2021

Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Remodeler Contemporary Kitchen

This year Pantone has revealed not one but two colors for 2021. This year we have a brilliant, warm shade of yellow called Illuminating (13-0647) paired with Ultimate Gray (17-5104). These two contrasting colors, paired together, represent the concept of hope and support. Ultimate gray evokes a feeling of comfort and practicality, while Illuminating is … Continued

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A Normal-ish and Safe Halloween in Boulder

Boulder Colorado Halloween 2020

How to enjoy Halloween safely during the pandemic How can we have a normal and safe halloween in Boulder, a city that takes pride in its Halloween festivities. For years. Boulderites have celebrated all hallow’s eve with style and enthusiasm. The eerily decorated houses in the historic Mapleton neighborhood see hundreds of trick-or-treaters every year. … Continued

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Working From Home and Increased Interest In Remodeling

Remodeling During COVID-19 Over the past several years, many people have found themselves spending more and more time in their homes. Working, teaching, and staying home can easily illuminate all the things, from little quirks to major inconveniences, that you may want to change about your living space. Maybe your kitchen layout is more frustrating … Continued

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Tips on Making the Best of This School Year

Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado Home Office Work From Home Enjoy Your Home Office

Thinking Forward As summer begins to come to a close, many families in the Boulder area face big decisions. Working remotely and homeschooling, there is no easy decision to be made. Melton believes that happy homes encourage happy families. Take our design advice for your home to promote productivity and calmness going into the new … Continued

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