What is Design Build?

Design build is a one-stop shopping option for homeowners looking to do a remodeling project or build a new home.

You can get your design and construction completed by one company. The design-build approach brings professional design and construction expertise together under one roof, meaning you deal with only one company from design through completion of the project—making the process efficient and time-saving for you by having all meetings under one roof.

At Melton Design Build, you’ll work with a design team consisting of licensed architects and professional kitchen and bath designers. The design phase allows you to be actively involved in the process working with the team at our in-house design center to make informed decisions and ensure the project design is meeting your goals for function and the style of your new space. We’ve found this involvement leads to clients who are happy with the outcome and have a sense of pride in their homes.

We will estimate your project, and you will have a fixed price for the construction of your project. Through these phases, our goal is to attend to every detail so that we accurately estimate the project, and so that the construction documents are complete. Joining all of these facets through the design-build model allows for collaboration throughout the process. Construction errors are minimized because the designs are thoroughly reviewed by the build team before the project begins.

A detailed and accurate estimate and scope of work allows for a smooth transition from design to construction. Then construction begins. Our 20+ years’ of experience in the remodeling industry ensure your project will be built to exacting standards and meet all city or county building codes. Melton Design Build is accountable for the design and construction—for the entire project—and we take that very seriously. Because we attend to all of the details in the design phase, we can enter into the construction phase confidently on every project.

We are all on the same team, and our goals are the same as yours: to design and build a project that exceeds your expectations. If a problem arises, we collectively work together to resolve the issue with little or no disruption to your project. An important part of our design-build process is to manage the project schedule and complete each project on time and on budget. Our refined process makes this possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to have ecstatic clients. And to achieve that goal, we use our proven design-build process to eliminate risk for our clients; make the process fun and hassle-free; and produce quality workmanship and a project the caliber of which everyone can be proud.