Value Engineering

Because we understand that budget is an important factor in any construction project, we dedicate time and energy to managing the design of the project to meet your budget.

Value engineering is a budgeting, planning, and design technique that allocates more funds to the areas that are most important to you. Every homeowner has different priorities, and we will strive to understand yours and build your remodeling project around what is most important to you. At the beginning of the design process we will ask you to determine priorities in terms of items you must have, items you’d like to have and items that would be nice to have included in the scope. Then we work hard to incorporate as many of those items as possible into the project scope.

The basic concept of value engineering is to use the bulk of the budget in the areas of the project that are most important to you—the must have items. Next, we dive into the individual line items of the budget to determine how we might achieve the same overall look using less expensive components in the areas that are less important to you. For instance, we might choose a less expensive tile with the same look to allow more of your budget to go to an oversized soaking tub that you love. Or maybe it’s important for you to have a beautiful glass tile backsplash in your kitchen. We can find a way to fit it into the project by working with you to determine other areas that might not be as important—maybe cabinet drawer inserts are less important than the backsplash.

The key to the success of value engineering is in our taking the time to understand your needs and wants and plan the project budget around them. One remodeling project will not fit every homeowner, but one remodeling company can. You can count on us to take the time to understand what you want and to deliver on it.

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